How does BioScan SRT Work?

Measures Energy

The BioScanSRT is based upon Bio-Electric Medicine principles that state that ALL substances (living or otherwise) possess a unique, measurable energetic signal (stress response).

Sound & Light

Substances (stressors) are converted to a digital format, and presented in the form of sound and light, are what allow for patient assessment testing down to the molecular level.


The FDA-registered GSR system emits signals (stressors) and records the body's stress response toward these signals.

the assessment

What to expect during the scan

100 Point Inspection

Using the BioScan SRT Corrective Focus device, the stressors are transmitted using a laser/light wand, tapping (WTF), and arthrostim (WTF), or other means to various meridian points on the body. This takes 10-12 minutes.

The Corrective Scan

As baseline parameters have been scientifically established for the response toward each signal, any reading that falls outside of these parameters indicates that the representative substance may be creating undue stress and possibly contributing toward health issues and symptoms that are currently being experienced.

Identifying the Issue(s)

You'll receive a complete report on which stressors, in order of their severity and whether they are severe, chronic, or acute. You'll receive the answers you were looking for or be surprised on underlying issues you may not have noticed yet.

BioScan SRT Recommendations

Before your scan

For best results

After your scan

Within 3 hours