BioScan SRT

Bring your life back to a healthy balance

Get a peek as to what’s really going on inside your body.
With BioScan technology, find out how your organs, glands, and bodily systems are functioning.

FROM stress override and disharmony TO balance and harmony

BioScan SRT
Boost your Success

Address your current health issues

Utilize as a preventative measure to maintain optional health 

This applies to those that have had the full initial BioScan SRT session within 4 weeks

BioScan SRT allows your body to function better

A remarkable new procedure that uses laser light technology by combining the disciplines of:




Presented in the form of sound and light, are what allow for patient assessment testing down to the molecular level. 

BioScan SRT

The body reacts to stress every day. A stressor is any biological, chemical, emotional or physical factor that can cause temporary or permanent harm.

The BioScan SRT system can address current health issues or can be used as a preventative measure to maintain optional health. 

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Safe for all ages



No needles

What BioScan SRT provides you

Real time stats

Real-time (ElectroDermal ) testing and analysis

Allergy Testing

Identify allergens that trigger stress response

Nutritional Testing

Determine sensitivity to foods and additives to identify if they are affecting the body in an acute or chronic manner

Vitamin and Supplement Screening

Correct and eliminate symptoms


Book a session

$95 single session + HST

$59 (when booked within 2-3 weeks from initial BioScan)

Package of 6
$350 + HST (can also be used for family)

Home visits are available within HRM for a minimum of 4 booked session packages. $400 


What people say

My 16 year old niece has itching, watery eyes and stuffy nose when visiting my house, we have 2 cats. After 2 visits, she came to the house and I questioned her on her symptoms. She said it happens when she holds the cats. I asked her to hold the cats and she was excited that she had no symptoms for the duration of the visit and beyond. She had this reaction to cats as a young child and this is the only thing that has made a dramatic difference in her reaction to cats.

Leo A.

What to do after you book

Have you made a BioScan SRT appointment? Please complete and print the Intake Form and bring with you.