What else is your skin telling you?


Traditional Chinese Medicine aka TCM has always fascinated me. I’ve been reading about it almost as long as I’ve been an aesthetician and certified reflexologist (21 years) . Recently, I’ve rekindled my deep curiosity of face mapping and its relationship to nutrition, lifestyle, stress levels and hormonal changes. All topics that I have much experience with both personally and professionally.

TCM believes that what is happening in the inner body can be determined by examining the face. Energy flows through the body via a series of channels called meridians. If these meridians are in balance, you remain in good health; if they become unbalanced or blocked, health symptoms can emerge and can show in outward signs on the face. As you can see in the above photo, each part of the face is related to a specific organ system and any disharmony on the inside of the body will show up on the outside. This can show up as puffiness, color changes, flaky patches, acne, excess lines etc. If you continuously get a spot show up in the same area, it’s likely that your body is trying to tell you that a part of your system needs attention.

Do any of these areas have lines that don’t reflect the level of ageing elsewhere on your face?

Are there patches of skin that differ in color and texture from the rest of your face?

What is your skin saying?

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