Jungle Juicing

In less than 2 weeks I will be heading off to Costa Rica for 9 glorious days with my best friend Andrea. This is our second trip to Costa Rica and after our experience in 2012 on a yoga retreat, I just knew I would be back. I even tried to convince my husband to move there. Hmm, maybe he might reconsider after this long crazy winter?

Many years ago, I met a woman who resided in the place we are heading to for the retreat. All I kept thinking as I was treating her skin was how beautiful, healthy and youthful she was. She talked about her life in Costa Rica and all the different programs offered at this special gathering place for people to rejuvenate, heal, or just get away from always being constantly “connected” to the world. A place for healing guru’s or just ordinary people like me that need to recharge an almost 45 year old battery.

Typically when I wanted to get a blast of tropical the option would be “All Inclusive” to the Caribbean. I just wasn’t feeling it, been there done that so many times. Besides, the thoughts of overindulgence actually made me feel sick. I knew I needed to completely cleanse from an intensive and life changing 2 years of school, stress and starting up a new business. Special thanks to Andrea for getting on-board to do this with me, I know it wasn’t your first choice. You’re the best!!

I’ll be transparent for a moment, I’m scared but in a really good way. I’ve never been able to successfully complete any cleansing/detox program started at home so it will be an interesting journey.

I look forward to the experience and sharing it with you. Love to hear from you.